Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Party Ready?


The beverage, Bacardi Silver Signature Lemonade rolls off of your tongue and entices you to quench your summer thirst. The print ad found in magazines such as Marie Claire portrays a tantalizing and refreshing image to the audience with a very detailed and specific body copy to enhance the invigorating malt beverage.

The ad relies solely on the body copy to deliver the message, no satirical or witty headline is displayed on the print ad, therefore the body copy must drive the message home.

Though there is no a distinct headline other than the product’s name, the organization is methodical.

The body copy states: “Enjoy the citrus refreshment of BACARDI SILVER Signature Lemonade. The delicious, ready-to-drink cocktail at 6% alcohol by volume.” Detailed, but not the selling point of the ad just yet.

“Tastes as natural as homemade lemonade, but with a unique twist that only BACARDI SILVER can deliver. Each mouthwatering sip cools and refreshes, making it the ultimate in party refreshment. Plan your escape. Open a Bottle.”

The last paragraph of the body copy entices the senses of the reader and delivers an accurate message that correlates with the image of the bottle and chilled glass.

Bacardi perhaps could have used a captivating headline since they are lacking in one, and made the firstparagraph of the body copy more enthralling and attention grabbing. However, the second paragraph is executed well in describing the product and the product’s texture. Perhaps if the headline was more than the brand name, there would be less risk of losing interest of the reader by the time they review the body copy.

Bacardi can be described in a number of attractive ways, and I think this ad could be a lot more alluring to its audiences.

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