Tuesday, November 23, 2010

He Had It Coming...

Simon G. Jewelry company may not be the world’s finest of jewelers, but their latest as campaigns set them from above the rest. Their innovative and simplistic approach to displaying their products allow the consumer to fantasize of the feeling and luxury of wearing the advertized piece. In this ad, the ring and “price tag” speaks for itself through the company’s voice and viewpoint. The headline, “Make sure he sees what you did the with the settlement. –Simon G.” demonstrates and implies the company figure—Simon G. is telling the woman to go ahead and splurge on this fabulous and unmistakably noticeable diamond-encrusted ring.

This implies even more of a reason to make the purchase of one of their diamond rings without holding back. The company’s voice is clearly demonstrated through the simplicity of the ad focusing solely on the idea of a divorce settlement in an enticing and tantalizing light. The company wants to ensure that they understand their consumers and that diamond rings are bought for many reasons other than a unifying engagement or wedding band. The headline definitely creates a link between the company and the consumer by creating an ulterior motive in which most women tend to have after a nasty divorce.

I think by the company allowing to personify their voice through the thought process made by this demographic appropriately demonstrates the message Simon G. is trying to convey to it’s audience and image. Since I found this ad in a COSMOPOLITAN magazine, the strategy is appropriate for a jewelry company to approach a full-page ad with the personification though the company as if it were a person as well.

The tactic of placing the headline on the price tag to exemplify the voice of Simon G. is a well-thought strategy to deliver the message to its audience and to give the company an imaginative figure.

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