Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm on Patron, Tequila!


The world’s most recognized and infamous line of tequila must naturally live up to its luxurious and sophisticated standard. The Richard’s Group advertising agency accurately pegs Patron Tequila’s voice in their simplistic yet powerful print ads.

Patron’s print ads offer a subtle but witty message to its audience not only through its minimalistic graphics, but concise and snooty voice and consistent style.

In this example, the headline portrays four different options of desired and high-class getaways, implying the message appeals to those who are familiar with the finer travel destinations or those who aspire to own a casual vacation home.

The options are all equally enticing in class and luxury, depending on your climate preference can be thought as a difficult decision. The headline— “some perfection is debatable,” thus expressing an accurate statement but with a subtle and haughty voice. The copy brings the ad into full-circle with the following body copy—“some is not. Made by hand from 100% blue agave. The world’s #1 ultra-premium tequila.” This body copy implies the notion that although the destinations listed above can be debatably perfect, Patron tequila is far from debatable. The specifications in the body copy prove the headline to be true preceding their tag line, “Simply Perfect.”

The tone of the voice can be interpreted depending on the audience and how it is read. In my opinion, the ad gives a sophisticated, aristocratic tone, paralleling with Patron’s branding image.

The style of the ad is implemented through the concise and well-written choice words to describe the product. The diction is neither wordy nor over exemplified. Each portion of the ad flows into one another, allowing ease of reading and appreciation of the tactics utilized. Patron’s reputation is appropriately demonstrated through the strategic voice and specific style of writing.

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